Animals 911

Lost Cats Found
Even the most doting, attentive cat owner can lose a kitty. Just ask Jenne Mundy, the world's first "cat profiler," who now helps to reunite lost felines with their humans. The San Antonio, Texas-based Mundy got into this line of work after her own cat strayed. Since then, she has learned ways of preventing the worst from happening.

What to Do with a Found Dog
An old hound dropped off at the Hopalong Animal Shelter, a foster-care based shelter in Oakland, Calif., left a lasting impression. The dog had no tags but was clearly someone's beloved pet that had gotten lost and couldn't find its way back home. The shelter staff scoured the lost-and-found ads in the local newspapers and on websites. They also reviewed posters for lost dogs collected by area shelters -- all to no avail. After staying at the shelter for a few months unclaimed, the dog was facing possible euthanasia.

Shelter Dog Adoption Process Explained
Within a year of his wife's death, William Goryl decided he wanted to adopt a dog from his nearby shelter in Hilton Head, S.C. "I was a little worried because I hadn't had a dog in 15 years," says Goryl, a retired business executive. He was also afraid that each and every dog at the shelter would tug at his heartstrings. With guidance from the staff, however, he made the rounds of available dogs until he came upon a reddish short-haired dog of Basenji mix, which had been found walking along a nearby road six months earlier.

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